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3rd 기조강연 Keynote Speech Edward J. Shultz University of Hawaii Korea: A Hermit Nation
3rd 기조강연 Keynote Speech Jung, Soo-Il Korea University 한국 속의 세계 -우리는 어떻게 세계와 소통해왔는가
3rd 역사1 History1 Kang, In Kyu Chung Yuan Christian University 알렌선교사와 윤치호
Young J. Allen and Yun Chi-Ho
3rd 역사1 History1 Quan, He-xiu Northeast Normal University 藏書閣 所藏文書를 통해 본 19세기 말 朝鮮王朝의 對中國外交
Research on Chang-so gak documents for Choson Dynasty''s diplomacy to the Qing government in late 19th Century
3rd 역사1 History1 Yongduk Kim Sogang University Conquest of Seven Kaya states
3rd 역사1 History1 김동전 제주대학교 조선시대 제주인의 표류실태와 대외인식
3rd 역사2 History2 Kenneth Quinones Akita International University The Political Uses of History in East Asia
3rd 역사2 History2 Don Baker University of British Columbia Tasan and his sons : The Philosopher as Family Man
3rd 역사2 History2 Jeong-il Lee University of California, Los Angeles Staging Universality and Civilization in Late Chosôn Korea
3rd 역사3 History3 Young Jin Choi Korea Society 신라와 실크로드
Silla Korea and the Silk Road
3rd 역사3 History3 Ko, Kwan Min Korea University in Japan 任那·加羅·南加羅·金官·秦韓·慕韓·韓·穢
3rd 역사3 History3 Kwang Shik Choe Korea University 고구려와 서역의 문화 교류
Cultural Exchange of the Koguryo and Centural Asia
3rd 역사4 History4 Valeriy S. Khan Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan The Contributions of Koreans to Socio-economic Development and Culture of Central Asia
3rd 역사4 History4 Ma, Kefeng Renmin University of China Realistic Revelations Offered by Korea’s Modernization to China’s Social Development
3rd 역사4 History4 Sandip Kumar Mishra University of Delhi Korea and India: Historical and Cultural Linkages and Contemporary Relations
3rd 역사4 History4 Csoma Mozes Budapest Corvinus University 헝가리 신문기자의 눈으로 본 “만주국내 한국인들의 항일 무장 투쟁
Hungarian Journalists about the Korean Independence Struggle in Manchukuo in the 1930s
3rd 역사4 History4 Michael C. E. Finch Keimyung University A Late Chosŏn Encounter with Western Technology, Commerce and Industry: The Korean Diplomatic Missions to Russia and Great Britain in 1896 and 1897
3rd 역사5 History5 Heo, Heung-Sik AKS 14세기 고려에 세운 날란다 대학과 지공선현의 유적
The Nalanda University Graduate, Dhyānabhadra Śūnyadiya(指空禪賢),and Revivaled Korean Nalanda in the 14th century
3rd 역사5 History5 Hugh, H.W. Kang University of Hawaii The Formation of Medieval Social Order: Transitional Process from Silla to Koryo
3rd 역사5 History5 Charlotte Horlyck SOAS, London University Purity of thought and emptiness of the mind: The placing of mirrors in Korean relic deposits
3rd 역사5 History5 Peter I. Yun 영산대학교 Mongol Cultural Influence in the Late Koryô Period
3rd 역사5 History5 Sem Vermeersch Keimyung University 開封에서 開城까지: 宋朝가 高麗에 끼친 문화적 영향의 재검토
From Kaifeng to Kaesŏng: Reappraising the Role of Song Culture in Koryŏ
3rd 역사6 History6 Wayne Patterson St. Norbert College Obstacles to Korea’s Globalization in the Modern Period: Some Reflections
3rd 역사6 History6 Lionel Babicz Maison franco-japonaise, Tokyo From Fukuzawa Yukichi to Yon-sama: The Nostalgic Image of Korea in Modern and Contemporary Japan
3rd 역사6 History6 Kil J. Yi Bergen Community College From “Hopeless” to “Magnificent”: The Transformation of South Korea’s National Image during the Vietnam War Era
3rd 역사7 History7 Vradiy Sergey Russia Academy of Sciences Far Eastern Branch The XIXth Century Korean Map of Russia’ Primorsky Territory
3rd 역사7 History7 Vladimir Tikhonov University of Oslo Pyŏn Yŏngman (1889-1954) – Colonial Korea''s Alternative Modernity?
3rd 역사7 History7 Saeyoung Park Johns Hopkins University Colonization and trauma: thoughts on re-imagining nationalist historiography
3rd 역사8 History8 Michael J. Seth James Madison University Premodern Korea in a Global Context
3rd 역사8 History8 Barbara Seyock University of Munich Jeju Island in the trade network of the Ancient East China Sea
3rd 역사8 History8 Michael J. Pettid State University of New York at Binghamton Cultural Interaction with Cheju Island in Early and Mid-Chosŏn
3rd 사회1 Sociology1 Jung-Soo Yoon Baika Women's College 외세의 조선진출과 인보관사업의 태동 –화광교원과 태화여자관을 중심으로-
The Advance of Foreign Powers and the Beginning of Settlement Service in Chosun-Focused on the Activities of Wakoukyouen and Taiwha Women’s center-
3rd 사회1 Sociology1 Yean-Ju Lee University of Hawaii Increasing International Marriages in Korea: A Sociological Analysis
3rd 사회1 Sociology1 Quan, XinZi Yanbian University 중한 국제결혼과 조선족사회의 현주소
Chinese-Korean International Marriage and Chinese-Korean People’s Society Actuality
3rd 사회2 Sociology2 Annette Hye Kyung Son Ek Stockholm University The Swedish Perception of Korea and the Koreans during the early twentieth century
3rd 사회2 Sociology2 Eiko Hasegawa Australian National University Re-Orienting Tourism: Japanese Tourism in Korea and Asian Cultural Integration
3rd 사회2 Sociology2 Changzoo Song University of Auckland Nostalgia for women of purity, honesty and strength: reflections on the images of diasporic Korean women of China and Uzbekistan in recent Korean films
3rd 문화/인류학1 Culture/Anthropology1 Albrecht Huwe Bonn University 한국의 말(馬) : 그의 재래와 문화적인 의미
Horse of Korea: Its Heritage and Cultural Importance
3rd 문화/인류학1 Culture/Anthropology1 Cui, Ying Jin Central University for Nationalities Anthropological research on educational function and cultural character of Korean minority''s swing in China
3rd 문화/인류학1 Culture/Anthropology1 Olga Dyakova Russian Academy of Sciences Koguryo Traditions in the Primorye’s Mediaeval Town-Planning
3rd 문화/인류학2 Culture/Anthropology2 Yoo, Chul-In Cheju University Jeju Haenyeo''s Diving as the Intangible Cultural Heritage: Sustainable Development and Ecofeminism
3rd 문화/인류학2 Culture/Anthropology2 Holmer Brochlos Free University Berlin Cultural Identity between North and South Korea and Prospects for Unification
3rd 문화/인류학3 Culture/Anthropology3 Jung-Sun Park California State University 한류: 한국 대중문화의 국경을 넘는 흐름과 그 의미
The Korean Wave: Transnational Flows of Korean Popular Culture and Their Implications
3rd 문화/인류학3 Culture/Anthropology3 Chung-Sok Suh University of New South Wales 외 The Korean Wave in Southeast Asia:An Analysis of Cultural Proximity and the globalisation of the Korean Cultural Products
3rd 문화/인류학3 Culture/Anthropology3 Carolina Mera University of Buenos Aires Koreans in Latin America: Cultural interactions and new understanding
3rd 문화/인류학3 Culture/Anthropology3 Silvia Seligson National Museum of Cultures in Mexico City Impact of Korean Culture on Mexican Society
3rd 문화/인류학4 Culture/Anthropology4 Durgadas Mukhopadhyay Sparta Institute of Social Studies Social and Cultural Implications and Mutual Exchange in Mask Dances in Korea and India
3rd 문화/인류학4 Culture/Anthropology4 Alison Tokita Monash University Music in Kyoul yonga: the piano and borderless musical modernity
3rd 문화/인류학4 Culture/Anthropology4 Hijoo Son University of California, Los Angeles Casting Identities from “There”: Korean Diasporic Art and Cultural Production
3rd 문화/인류학5 Culture/Anthropology5 Jung Su-Nam, Song Shi-Hyeong AKS, Korea University 한류의 글로컬라이제이션(glocalization)을 위한 한류담론의 재정립 -아시아 국가들의 영화산업 성장에 따른 한류의 문화적 지각변동
The Reestablishment of Hallyu Discourse for Glocalizing Hallyu : The Sustainability of Hallyu Relating to the Culturally Industrial Growths in Asian Countries
3rd 문화/인류학5 Culture/Anthropology5 Hideyuki Sekine Dong-Eui University 한류현상과 일선동조론 재고
The Korean Wave and a Reconsideration of the Theory of Same Origin of Korean and Japanese
3rd 문화/인류학5 Culture/Anthropology5 Jeeyoung Shin Indiana University Growing Intimacy, Disrupted Reunion: The National Division in New Korean Cinema
3rd 문화/인류학5 Culture/Anthropology5 Gim Changhwa Sangmyung University ‘한류’와 21세기 동북아시아 대중문화의 정체성
Korean wave" and the Identity of the 21st Century Mass Culture in North-East Asia
3rd 정치1 Political Science1 Hermanns, Heike 인하대학교 민주주의 20년 이후 한국과 대만의 정당 비교
A Comparison of Political Parties in Korea and Taiwan after Twenty Years of Democracy
3rd 정치1 Political Science1 Leo Hinata-Yamaguchi Australian National University New age in Japan-ROK relations: Analyzing the potential for a Japan-ROK security partnership
3rd 정치1 Political Science1 Carl J. Saxer Copenhagen Business School Globalization as Policy: The South Korean Experience
3rd 정치1 Political Science1 Vyjayanti Raghavan Jawaharlal Nehru University Engaging India: Economic and Cultural Aspects of Korean Diplomacy (1995-2005)
3rd 정치1 Political Science1 John Synott Queensland University of Technology Australia, the Korean Question and the United Nations 1946-1991
3rd 정치2 Political Science2 Timothy C. Lim California State University, Los Angeles Tsunami or Ebb Tide? Soft Power and the Limits Hallyu
3rd 정치2 Political Science2 Lytton L. Guimaraes University of Brasilia The Korean Community in Brazil: Challenges, Achievements and Prospects
3rd 정치2 Political Science2 Park HyunMo AKS 한국사 속의 개방성과 폐쇄성: 세종의 이민족 포용정책의 역사적 의미
Open to Foreigners and Caring Minorities: King Sejong''s Foreign Policy and ''Small Strong State-Building''
3rd 정치2 Political Science2 Matteo Fumagalli University of Edinburgh Identity and interests in South Korea’s policy towards Central Asia
3rd 경제/통상/산업1 Economics/Trade/Industry1 Eric Bidet University of Liège Work Integration and Social Enterprise in Korea at the Light of the European Experience
3rd 경제/통상/산업1 Economics/Trade/Industry1 Jeffrey Robertson Parliament of Australia South Korea and the East Asia Summit: Collective identity, balance of power, or domestic politics?
3rd 3rd Wang, Jiqing Harbin Normal University Korea’s Tourism Development and Its Economic Contribution
3rd 경제/통상/산업1 Economics/Trade/Industry1 Fang Fang Renmin University of China Comparing the History of the Evolution of China’s and Korea’s Financial Supervisory Systems
3rd 민속1 Folklore1 Joo, Young-Ha AKS 문자와 관습의 교류 : 한국과 중국의 세시기에 나타난 문자성과 구술성
The Chinese Classics and Customs : Focused on Korean & Chinese Almanacs
3rd 민속1 Folklore1 Dashibalov Erdem B. / Dashibalov Bair B. Buryat State University Mountain Fortified Settlements of Cisbaikalia and South Siberia and Their Similarities with Korean Fortresses
3rd 민속1 Folklore1 Park, Hyein Keimyung University Contemporary social policy, family welfare program & Marital Culture trends-the case of ‘Hanhak-chon village''
3rd 민속1 Folklore1 Hong-key Yoon University of Auckland 풍수지리설의 한반도와 일본 열도 전파에 대한 비교 고찰
A Comparative Study on the Diffusion of Geomancy to Korea and Japan
3rd 문학1 Literature1 Xu, Yong Bin University of International Business and Economics 남북한 및 중국 조선족 역사소설의 갈등양상 비교
A comparison study on complications in historical novels of South and North Korea and Chinese Korean
3rd 문학1 Literature1 Lee, An Na Ulaanbaatar University 몽골과 한국의 구비문학 속에 형상화된 영웅의 ‘준마’에 대한 비교 고찰
A comparative study on hero''s horse in oral literature of Korea and Mongolia
3rd 문학1 Literature1 Han, Mei Shandong University 조선조 평점본 소설의 출현과 김성탄의 문학비평
3rd 문학2 Literature2 Chan E. Park. Ohio State University Storytelling and Flow in Korean Televisual Historical Drama
3rd 문학1 Literature1 Theodore Hughes Columbia University South Korean Anticommunism and Global Cold War Culture: Imaging North Korea, Disciplining the Anticommunist Subject
3rd 문학2 Literature2 Miriam Löwensteinová Charles University Reflections on the Korean War and the Limits of Its Expression: Korean Short Story of the 1950s to 1970s
3rd 문학2 Literature2 Steven D. Capener Seoul Women's University Paradise Found, Recovery and Redemption in Yi Hyoseok’s Later Literature
3rd 문학2 Literature2 John M. Frankl Yonsei University Outside In: Rethinking Borders in Premodern Korea
3rd 문학2 Literature2 Simon Kim Korea University Korean Literary Modernity A Multi-National Historical Concept
3rd 교육1 Education1 Kuo, Chiu Wen National Chengchi University 한류가 대만 한국어 학습에 미친 영향
The impact of Korean learning tide by korean wave in Taiwan
3rd 교육1 Education1 Kang Kim, Hyewon University of Hong Kong 한류를 통해서 본 한국학의 발전
Hallyu and Korean Studies Education in Hong Kong
3rd 교육1 Education1 He, Tongmei Dalian University of Foreign Languages 중국인 학습자의 보조사 사용의 오류 분석
An Analysis of Errors in Auxiliary Words Used by Chinese Students
3rd 과학/기술1 Science/Technology1 Isao Sawa 외 4명 Osaka University of Economics and Law 외 XRF Analysis and Polarizing Microscopic Study of the Lava Cave Formation: Korea, Japan and Russia
3rd 과학/기술1 Science/Technology1 Anne-Sophie Dachet University of Paris Ⅶ The Wave of Korean Manupuncture :Interfaces of Traditional Medicine in Contemporary Practice
3rd 과학/기술1 Science/Technology1 Krishana Gopal Tyagi ICSSR The Access to and the Use of Research Resources in Korean Studies in the Digital Era
3rd 과학/기술1 Science/Technology1 SONG Sang-yong The Korean Academy of Science and Technology 황우석사건의 철학적·사회적 분석
An Analysis of the Hwang Woo-Suk Scandal in Philosophical and Social Context
3rd 철학1 Philosophy1 Lee, Seo-Hyeng AKS 한국사상의 보편가치와 그 의의
The Characteristics and Universal Value of Korean Thought
3rd 철학1 Philosophy1 Yoo, Kwon Jong / Sunggyu Lee Chung-Ang University / Dankook University 箕子東來說에 대한 비판적 검토
On the Etymology of Kija and its Historical Meaning
3rd 종교 Religion Shanker Thapa Tribhuvan University Transmission of Indian Buddhist Thought in East Asian Historiography: Dhyänabhadra(Chi-Gong) and Buddhism in 14th Century Korea
3rd 종교 Religion Kim, Young Doo Wonkwang University The Seeking after Truth and Zen thought of Na-Ong
3rd 종교 Religion Boudewijn C.A. Walraven Leiden University The Nature and Social Basis of Buddhism in Late Chosŏn Korea
3rd 종교 Religion Younghee Lee University of Auckland Ch’imgoeng and the Nature of Late Chosŏn Buddhism
3rd 종교 Religion Jongmyung Kim AKS Buddhism and the Korean Alphabet
3rd 종교 Religion Dieter Eikemeier Tübingen University 목함에 넣어 물에 띄워 버린 아이에 대하여
A Recalcitrant Child Abandoned onto the Sea : The Moses Motif in Ancient Egypt, Buddist India, and on Jeju Island
3rd 언어1 Language1 Nam Sun Song Osaka University of Economics and Law 한국어와 일본어의 주제문과 무제문 -{는}, {가}와 {wa}, {ga}에 대한 비교연구
Topic and non-topic sentences in Korean and Japanese:a comparative study of Korean ''-nun, -ga'' and Japanese ''-wa, -ga'' ()
3rd 언어1 Language1 Zaripa Serikbayeva Seoul National University 한국어와 카자흐어의 격표지 대조 연구
Similarities and Differences of Certain Particles of Korean and Kazakh
3rd 언어1 Language1 Cui, Shun Ji Beijing Language and Culture University A semantic comparison of the meaning between the Korean word “보다” and the Chinese word “看”
3rd 언어2 Language2 Yang, Jen-tshung Chinese Culture University 한국 속담과 관용어의 원전 탐색
Tracing the Original Text of Korean Proverbs and Idioms
3rd 언어2 Language2 Li, De Chun Yanbian University 고구려어의 귀속과 “중한조기대응어”에 대하여
The Termination of Koguryo Language ()
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