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Theme: Korean Studies, a New Perspective toward Global Humanities.
We are pleased to announce the 7th World Congress of Korean Studies will be held at University of Hawai’i at Manoa campus in the beautiful tropical environs from November 5th to 7th, 2014. The conference theme, "Korean Studies, a New Perspective toward Global Humanities" is designed to invite scholars and experts presenting recent researches and exchanging academic information as well as building friendships among Koreanists. Those who wish to participate are most welcome to submit abstracts on the widest variety of topics that correspond to areas of interest.
2014 World Congress of Korean Studies Organizing Committee
-Kim, Hyeon (Committee Chair, AKS)
-Lee, Sang Hyup (Committee Chair, University of Hawai’i at Manoa)
-Donald Baker (International Society for Korean Studies, University of British Columbia)
-Lee, You-il (Korean Studies Association of Australasia, University of South Australia)
-George Kallander (Committee on Korean Studies-Association for Asian Studies, Syracuse University)
-Antonetta Bruno (Association for Korean Studies in Europe, Università di Roma Sapienza)
-Chang, Wonsuk (AKS)
Official Language
-English and Korean
Submission of Abstracts
-Organized Panel
Panel applicant is required to submit 1) Entire panel proposal 1 page, 2) Each Individual CV less than 1 Page, 3) Each Individual abstract less than 1 page.
We are responsible exclusively for presenters' lodgings and meals during the conference period. If you participate as moderator or commentator without presentation, we are not responsible for your lodging and meals.
-Individual Paper Proposal
Individual applicant is require to submit an abstract and CV electronically. Once admitted, we organize the panel in which three individual speakers can make presentations. A person may serve multiple roles like moderator, presenter and discussants in the panel. The individual abstract cannot exceed 1 page (A4 size, 12 point) in English or Korean
* Please sign up, complete application form and attach CV and abstract (MS word file only) at the congress homepage (http://congress.aks.ac.kr) from March 10 to May 9, 2014.  
** Congress homepage will be accessible starting Monday, March 10, 2014.
*** Once submitting abstract, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 3 working days. The abstracts will be peer-reviewed. We will notify accepted individuals directly in July, 2014. Deadline of registration will be 31 July, 2014. Submission of the full paper (10-15 pages) is by Sep. 30, 2014.
Registration Fee
-Registration fee is US$100. Graduate student fee is US$50.
Accommodation and Meals
Full meal coverage (Nov. 5 Dinner ~ 8 Breakfast) and 3 nights lodging (Nov. 5-8, 2 person in one room) will be provided for the participants outside Hawaii. The extra charges will be charged if you require a single room. The hotel reservation will be available during participation registration on Congress website.
● Address of Lodging is as follows.
ALA MOANA HOTEL, 410 Atkinson Drive, Honolulu, HI 96841
Korean Studies Junior Scholar Paper Prize
We encourage graduate students to apply for the Junior Scholar Paper Prize. For this, please tick in ‘KOREAN STUDIES JUNIOR SCHOLAR PAPER PRIZE APPLICANT’ in the application form. The committee will review submitted papers and decide the three awardees.
-Digital files of proceedings restored in a USB flash memory will be given to registered participants. Abstracts and papers will also be available at the website congress.aks.ac.kr. We do not provide hard-copy proceeding. We cordially ask speakers to bring their hard-copy if necessary.
Further details will be provided to those whose abstracts are accepted to the conference.
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